Two personal projects

In the coming weeks and months, I plan on working on two personal projects one website that will house an affiliate marketing program where my like minded community will be able to upload and sell their own merchandise. The other is an app that will be a social app that will have similar features as […]

Learning React.js

Learning react.js in a month is the goal, his would be 52 birthday I will celebrate with the fact I have launched successfully a React.js project – mobile app development. I signed up for LinkedIn’s learning program, I have 30 days before I have to pay for it but I also have 30 days to […]

WPA – Web Progressive Apps

They have been around for a while now, I still see a lot of value in producing at least the one app idea I have. For the other property management software / app I plan on building, I don’t necessarily need to build it on a WPA but I think once I have one created […]