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Signing on with Pathos Communications Ltd

Pathos Communications Ltd, is a public relations company that I first met about 9 days ago, I was thrilled by their excitement and their interest in my longevity of my ‘career’ and my career path I have worked towards for 25+ years, while their aggressive style might be intimidating to my wallet, it’s this tenaciousness […]

Moving into Nomadic

As we embark on a new journey this new year, I move into a 9000 sq foot co-op building set up with all sorts of amenities such as a podcasting sound booth, as well as a photography studio complete with green screens and other backgrounds. A huge conference room and small conference rooms to accommodate […]

The Change…

When this year began, it was so fresh and new exciting full of smiles and flirtation… I know through all of this spiritual growth we both will come out better people, it’s taught us invaluable lessons that we may not fully pick up the pieces for weeks or months to come as so much has […]

Shifting Focus

When all the interviewing and all the job prospects are failing around you, you have to look inward and figure out what to do differently… I keep thinking while all the doors keep shutting where is that opportunity I keep missing, where is the shift I need to make my life work? It’s no secret […]

In the market again

Why would you be a good fit for this job? Why are you interested in the role? I’ve been in the web industry since 1998; freelancing since 2006, and grew my company to 3 freelancing teams in 2010. We took a small marketing firm to a 3 building call center where they focused on sales […]