Social Media Influencer?

Pivoting means, influencing the social media influencers – my past time is SM, I’m not afraid to admit it anymore – but I will uses my experience, knowledge & time I’ve spent on it to wield the power of my graphic design skills & establish myself as a SMI content provider.

Everyone wants to know what a social media influencer does, and why are they so wildly popular among the millennial… Is it because the flaunt the 1000’s of followers/fans/friends? Is it because they boast about the $$$$$ thousands of dollars? But here’s the thing – what difference does it make? Why is it your issue, or your distain? The superficiality comes to mind. Are you genuine? Are you happy? Are you FAKE?!

But the truth of the matter is that whether we embrace THEIR culture or not, this is what the public has chosen… While we actively participate in it, we can deny the addiction, the time spent — & in FACT the THOUSANDS of dollars being spent on the internet.

For me, as a web designer, graphic artist, and web developer – I know both front-end and back-end to utilize all tools necessary to create your brand and appearance the way you want to present yourself or your business.