Formerly Web Media fx; A white label web development company supplying marketing and advertising firms backend coding, themes, plugins and mobile apps – Web Media fx stopped operating in 2018 when my husband and partner got sick… We planned on rebranding and going after the mobile app market further but plans would certainly change. After losing him in 2019, I lost myself and everything I would know and remember about my previous life in freelancing. There was so much we had to walk away from in 2018, to focus on treatments and hospitalizations ~ my confidence was shatter, my world would be torn upside down, I would eventually have to take a job to support myself which would only lead me back to THIS << because this is WHO I am, who I’ve been – who I became. I was a girl always intrigued by the computer. Who became the woman who became intrigued by technology, where it’s been, where it’s now, where it’s going… #WebEpiphany

I will always be that person that just wants to continue to grow with more knowledge of what the computer is capable of creating creatively – imaginatively – substantially – quantitively   –  relatively –   literally –  actually!    

Web Epiphany