Moving into Nomadic

As we embark on a new journey this new year, I move into a 9000 sq foot co-op building set up with all sorts of amenities such as a podcasting sound booth, as well as a photography studio complete with green screens and other backgrounds. A huge conference room and small conference rooms to accommodate any size meeting(s)… I’ve been looking for a space like this and this is totally ideal for what I was looking for!

#Nomadic is just the perfect spot for me to grow and expand my client base.

I’ve been helping people and business market and have an online presence for 25 years, my advanced knowledge of web practices both modern and old has allowed me to stay nimble and agile enough to continue to thrive in my freelance web development business. I will expand my digital marketing management clientele and develop new relationships looking to brand, rebrand, or gain a footing in their market places. I plan to educate myself more about cyber security as it has been a real threat over the past few years with some of my key clients. Growing with the times means I must also raise my rates and as unfortunate as that may sound, I haven’t given myself a raise in ten years. For my loyal clients they will be grandfathered in for another year with the sane rate; all new clients will be charged $75/hour, I look forward in bringing all your online dreams to fruition!

There are several new and a big revival project on the horizon as I bring back America’s Bride magazine (currently, looking for writers). As I try and rebuild my life from the ruins, I am challenged to put the story to paper, maybe one day I’ll have clarity of what happened… what went wrong — but ultimately how I got up, and fought with purpose again!

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