Signing on with Pathos Communications Ltd

Pathos Communications Ltd, is a public relations company that I first met about 9 days ago, I was thrilled by their excitement and their interest in my longevity of my ‘career’ and my career path I have worked towards for 25+ years, while their aggressive style might be intimidating to my wallet, it’s this tenaciousness I expect for results… Their team was quick, responsive and got down to work. Georgia and I had 2 zoom meetings, and she went back to her team that onboarded me immediately for 3 articles to be published in highly recognized publications, such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Tech Insider, and others… I look forward in seeing which ones actually picks up my pieces and runs with it. I was honored and touched by Jason’s carefully constructed articles; some of which touched my emotional side as I shed a tear for what once was with my late husband… I look forward in receiving those articles myself for my own marketing. Please join me as I wait in anticipation and hope that the reward, stabilizes the risk of debt. I can not afford the debt that I took on but I can’t afford not to invest in myself any more… I am intrigued to see where this will take me. I need hope and faith that this is the push I’ve been looking for, the ‘jump’ I need to excel in future endeavors. I am open and embrace this next chapter in my life. I believe that this will give more trust in my business for clients and my confidence in following my intuition will align to fulfilling my epiphany; Web Epiphany!!