Shifting Focus

When all the interviewing and all the job prospects are failing around you, you have to look inward and figure out what to do differently…

I keep thinking while all the doors keep shutting where is that opportunity I keep missing, where is the shift I need to make my life work? It’s no secret since September when I chose to quit my part time job to focus on my business that I’ve been floundering a bit… I got a great gig filled with hope and promise, I chase that end result the targeted salaried amount of money I thought I deserved and wanted, unfortunately their payment process didn’t workout for me, it took over 100 days to get my invoices paid. I went back to the drawing board, when back to recruiters, LinkedIn and kept trying to find a ‘JOB’ because that’s what I thought I was suppose to do, I zoom interviewed for reputable companies, like REI, Go Daddy, Halo, Warner Bro’s and many many many others… I kept focusing on what they offered the paycheck, the benefits and what society thinks is norm. The problem is my business and me as a freelancer has never been the norm ~ I’ve been remote since 2006, and I am a free spirit that generally doesn’t love to be in front of my computer/desk for 8 hrs straight. The resistance is that none of these jobs were ever going to be right for me… I can’t go back to the skillsets that made up the team of Web Media fx, and this has made me examine that there needs to be a shift, pivot, a change!

Web Epiphany, I’ve always said was my epiphany… I’m shifting my focus, depending a little more on me and figuring out what I’m better at and what I CAN achieve. I love this website, I love the time I’ve invested in making it my own. I love how I’ve been able to create this BLOG, ~ I’ve wanted a blog for a long time but never been consistent. And a few things that I realized through all this resistance and disappointment that I need to believe in me and why I chose to leave a dead end job in the first place. I’ve had a truly blessed life, one that I have never had to rely on my own ~ I’m grateful for that but it’s time to step up and support my future with the things I know ~ graphic design, web design, web development, digital marketing, social media marketing, and brand awareness… Another disappointment has made me realize that I’ve been sitting around waiting for the money to come in. I’ve been sitting here acting like my angel is going to save me, no but the universe is going to support me once I get clear on what I need to do. What I need to do is be better at getting clients… I’ve been good at this in the past, it’s all part of marketing – but I need to understand that if that right gig, role, JOB isn’t out there – at the end of the day it’s been my clients that support my lifestyle and livelihood. I must continue on that path and see that there is a future with many clients that want to work with me and that I want to work with. I hope to grow my business that is congruent with who I am and what I can provide for them. It’s my years in the online field that will propel my future goals.