Building websites since 1998

One of our first websites was – standing for the Mall but was taken so we thought it was so cleaver… pre Amazon, there wasn’t online shopping like we have now.

We used to watch this TV program on ZDTV with Leo Laporte (he’s still the most intelligent computer geek, in my mind); there was a contest we entered. We submitted the it was innovative for it’s time except we were going after the retailers and setting it up like a virtual mall. Graphics were just becoming a thing and the only web design tool you had back then was Microsoft FrontPage. We created graphics in Corel Draw and a few others (I can’t recall now)… we created blocks the main big blocks represented department stores, smaller blocks represented other retailers. These blocks linked out to their stores but in an iFrame on our site. Pretty trick for back then. We were sent a top of the line web cam for coming in third place for Best Website.

Always, trying to stay above the trend and see the future of what’s next ~ still applies today ~ still searching for the latest trend and stay on top of the knowledge, current usage and how to manipulate it to work in today’s modern world.