WPA – Web Progressive Apps

They have been around for a while now, I still see a lot of value in producing at least the one app idea I have. For the other property management software / app I plan on building, I don’t necessarily need to build it on a WPA but I think once I have one created this way, I’ll be pleased to continue on this path. I lacked the motivation to work today or to even play… but my mind is still set on creating these two apps over the next year.

Property Management App to manage long term and short term rentals; including syncing AirBnB, VRBO, iCal calendars – allow for payments, deposits, uploads of driver’s license. Contracts creation, signature documented, saved & cataloged. Repeat customers will only have to sign their existing contracts & pay their deposits, unless their ID’s are expired…

Stonah’s Lounge will be a stoner’s app; where you can earn tokens/money/cash & prizes or give tokens/money/cash & prizes for broadcasting or having a group sesh. Have fun with your favorite StonerFam.

Stay tuned with the progress, I’ve already started designing the dashboard & profile pages for Stonah’s Lounge.